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We love to get feedback - it helps us find out what our clients really want. Here's a random selection of comments from our past customers!


“We had a really excellent holiday and want to thank you very much for all your hard work, especially with the inevitable hitches and glitches. I also finished reading the Brian Keenan and John McCarthy book you sent me. It was wonderful and it's such a great and unique idea to send a book to your clients. The ground services were all super with good communication, punctual and friendly. The Australis cruise lived up to expectations and the cabin, food, service, excursions etc. were superb. El Chalten was my favourite part of the trip. I loved the relaxed, laid back vibe, we had perfect walking weather and I loved being able to hike straight out the door, no park fees or transport needed. Thank you again for organising such a wonderful trip and we will think about our next Latin America adventure soon. More wildlife somewhere, I think.” - UM travelled in February 2024


“We have had such a brilliant holiday. Everything went like clockwork and everywhere we stayed was wonderful, on the whole. Thank you so much for organising it all for us.

Latam was a great airline, all flights on time and business class very comfortable. Pousada Literaria, Paraty was a great hotel and our guide was excellent, both around the town and on the boat trip which was huge fun. Das Cataratas, Iguassu is a great hotel and we had another excellent guide. We really enjoyed Ouro and our guide was exceptionally knowledgeable guide. We were fairly churched out by the end! The tour of the gold mine was fun. Chapada Diamentina was a highlight, we loved Pousada das Aguas and our guide was excellent, and took us on wonderful treks to views, caves and waterfalls.

All the guides were extremely good at getting us checked in at the airports and making sure we had our boarding cards, which was very helpful as online was a bit tricky! We think the length of time we spent in each place was just right. 3 nights made the long journeys between stops worthwhile and not too much of a rush. Overall an excellent holiday. Thank you very much for organising it.” - JE travelled in February 2024


“We had a very successful trip. The itinerary worked out well and we felt we got a good sense of Chile as a whole without too many flights. We particularly enjoyed Cerro Guido, the tour around Arica province, and also enough time to relax in Santiago and see the Pre-Columbian Museum and some of the parks, based from the excellent Le Reve Hotel.” - JE travelled in November 2023


“We had a really good holiday and the places were all fascinating. Congratulations on your reservations and bookings. The organisation, transfers and meeting at all of the airports was perfect and we went at the right time, after carnival. We were frequently told that we were lucky there were so few people around as previously it had been very busy.

People spoke about being careful, but clearly if you do not display expensive jewellery or watches, you are just as safe as any other major city or tourist place.

We greatly enjoyed our holiday, thank you.” - PS travelled in February 2024


“We're home and had a brilliant trip. We loved Buenos Aires, the cruise to Antarctica with Aurora Expeditions was fantastic and a couple of nights on an estancia in the Pampas was the perfect way to end before flying home. We were very lucky with the weather and over the moon with all elements of the cruise. There were 120 passengers on board the ship which was a very good number, and it was a nice mix of nationalities. The ship, Greg Mortimer, was very comfortable, the food was very good, and the expedition team and all the staff on board were excellent. The kayaking was great and camping on shore for a night was a unique experience. We have 1000's of photos and lots of wonderful memories. Thank you so much for all you did in helping to put the trip together - a great success.” - JD travelled in November 2023

Falkland Islands

“The Falkland Islands were amazing, I enjoyed it a lot. Especially because it was end of the season and many of the places I visited I had to myself. There were islands where I spent the night 11km away from the next person, only with a radio to communicate in emergencies. It was a good itinerary for the week we initially planned – sad that some of the islands had to close due to the bird flu and hopefully it will be ok next season. I definitely recommend the Falklands as a destination, it was probably one of the highlights of my trip.” - IJ travelled in March 2024


“We are back and everything went very well. Our time in Rio was busy, but we had a lovely time going to concerts in different parts of the city. Paraty was wonderful, an excellent choice. So much to do there and what a lovely place. We loved it and the trips were great. So the trip passed by in an instant! Another fantastic trip. Thank you so much. I will keep in touch.” - RB travelled in November 2023


“As usual I think our Colombia itinerary was spot on and the service and guides were the usual high standard, and met the excellent standard we have come to expect from Last Frontiers. We were spoilt by attentive, knowledgeable and personable staff who significantly contributed to the enjoyment of our holiday! In summary: the usual excellent guides, excellent itinerary – just the right pace and timings - and no issues with regards to transfers, safety, information etc etc. All five stars as always. So that’s it.. another resounding success and a whole load of memories created – THANK YOU!!!” - IP travelled in July 2023


“We had a great holiday in Colombia. All pick-ups and connections you organised worked well and we had no issues. Thanks for organising, we will come back to you again if visiting South America and will have no hesitation in recommending you and Last Frontiers.” - LS travelled in December 2022


“Thanks to you and all at Last Frontiers for putting together a well balanced schedule with memorable hotels and locations. Our guides - particularly in Bogotá and San Agustín - were excellent and the team were very much on the ball when we needed them.” - SF travelled in December 2023


“I had a wonderful time in Mexico, it was a hugely enjoyable trip: all flights and arrangements worked really well and I thank you for all your efforts. The schedule that you created worked very well, producing some wonderful memories and my guide was exceptional and very knowledgable - I could not be more delighted. The Espirito Santo, swimming with sea lions excursion, was excellent - it was of course a delight to swim with the sea lions, to observe them at close quarters, but also to see the islands, landscapes, and fauna and flora. The day was calm, with little wind and ample sunshine and was perfect for the activities undertaken.

We saw one youngish whale shark close to the boat and were unlucky not to see any grey whales, but the tour was turned into one of the most enjoyable excursions by the extensive knowledge of the guide who pointed out so many different birds (including pelicans, cormorants, heron, ibis, caracara, a barn owl, a green-breasted mango etc.) and explained about the mangroves ecology. He encouraged the boat captain to search further waters (in the hope of seeing whales) and we were rewarded by a fine sighting of a dozen or so dolphins with some young.

The blue whales tour – Isla Carmen, Loreto, was a delight for the sea life we saw but also for the landscapes and sheer joy of being in an open boat on the largely calm sea. The boat captain was commendably attentive to his responsibilities to the whales and took pains to ensure good sightings were possible, and the knowledge of my guide made the tour very much more rewarding than it would otherwise have been. With great luck we encountered a humpback whale soon after leaving Loreto and were afforded good views, including its tail fin making a silhouette against the sun. Dolphins, mantarays and many different birds were seen and right at the end of the tour (causing its duration to be extended) we had a clear, fairly close sighting of a blue whale. The whole tour was a delight.

In Bahia Magdalena the boat captain was superbly good at his job, tracking down the grey whales with some skill in the swell and manoeuvring the boat at close quarters to the whales for some considerable time to afford the closest contact. We encountered two grey whales who, perhaps having become used to human contact, were willing to display themselves even to the point of being touched. I understand that the sighting and contact we enjoyed was of a quality that could hardly be exceeded. The guide provided much information and encouraged us to interact with the whales. He also arranged a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants in the port.

Once again, the whole experience of my visit to Mexico was a succession of delights, typically exceeding expectations, and I remain very favourably impressed with how you managed to assemble such a wonderful programme for me and with such little effort being required of me. I record my lasting appreciation.
” - BF travelled in February 2024


“Many thanks for organising another fantastic holiday! We loved Colombia and your partners in Colombia were excellent.” - DM&RB travelled in February 2024


“It was a great holiday and the organisation was excellent.” - JL travelled in September 2022


“A brilliant trip, and superbly organised. Thank you!” - GE travelled in April 2023


“The whole fortnight was remarkable - definitely the holiday of a lifetime. Your planning, organization and staffing were absolutely the reason why the trip was the success that it was - just brilliant! Every guide and driver was friendly, professional and lots of fun - and very knowledgeable and full of pride in their country. Peru is full of lovely surprises, will never ever forget this experience. Thank you very, very much - we will be back for our next South American adventure!!” - KY travelled in November 2022

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