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Rugged landscapes, trout fishing and albatross

With a more rugged landscape than East Falkland, The mainland of West Falkland has large farms and is the best place for sea trout - one of the best wilderness fishing experiences in the world. The Islands offer various penguin colonies, black-browed albatross, elephant seals and whales can often be spotted on boat trips or from the sky.

In over a hundred years of habitation, Carcass Island, named after HMS Carcass, has had three environmentally conscious owners who have prevented the introduction of dangerous new predators: rats and cats. Magellanic (also known as Jackass) penguins nest around the settlement (you may hear their braying at night!) and the Gentoo colony is an hour's walk away. There is also a large colony of striated caracara (Johnny Rook) and a small elephant seal colony. One can visit West Point Island by boat as a day trip.

Saunders Island was the site of the first British settlement in the Falkland archipelago (Port Louis on East Falkland was the very first - French - settlement) and is now one large farm of about 30,000 acres. The island is best known for its large colony of black-browed albatross in the north-west of the island. There are also large colonies of Magellanic and Gentoo penguins and a small colony of King penguins.

A 24 mile long island of sandy beaches, moorland, rocky peaks, extensive ponds and wetlands, Pebble Island is home to many water and shore birds. There are many breeding species including over a thousand pairs of Imperial shags and Gentoo, Magellanic and Rockhopper penguins.

Port Howard is the largest privately owned settlement on West Falkland with a permanent population of twenty. Most of the people are employed by Port Howard Farm which runs 45,000 sheep. Some of the best sea-trout fishing in the world can be accessed from Port Howard. There is golf at Clippy Hill (or one of several other challenging courses nearby) and there are also wildlife excursions.

Our preferred accommodation

  • Carcass Island Lodge image

    Carcass Island Lodge

    Inn/Posada - Carcass Island
    The original farmhouse towards the south of the island houses five guest rooms and provides a lovely, homely atmosphere.
  • Pebble Island Lodge image

    Pebble Island Lodge

    Lodge/Hosteria - Pebble Island
    The lodge is the original farmhouse which has been converted into guest accommodation.
  • Port Howard Lodge image

    Port Howard Lodge

    Lodge/Hosteria - Port Howard
    Port Howard is the oldest and largest remaining sheep farm on West Falkland and the Chartres river is one and a half hours drive away.
  • The Rookery image

    The Rookery

    Lodge/Hosteria - Saunders Island
    A two-bedroomed self catering unit with 24 hour power, a communal lounge, fridge, gas cooker and shared W/C and shower room. The unit is 30 minutes overland in a 4x4 from the Saunders settlement and airstrip.

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